Secret Trail Brewing Co.

Chico, California

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Beaten Path 

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A Few of Our Most Popular Beers at The Trail

Delta Breeze

An easy drinking and refreshing, authentic Kolsch. Crafted with German Pilsner malt and Noble hops from the Hallertau Valley. The Kolsch yeast gives this beer just a touch of tartness and a very dry finish.


Kolsch-Style Ale 5.2% ABV | 21 IBU

Electric Oats

This West Coast IPA is extremely well balanced with lots of tropical fruitiness in aroma and flavor. It has a nice malt backbone with wheat, oats, and crystal malts and is double dry hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

West Coast IPA 6.8% ABV | 60 IBU


This juicy IPA is brewed and dry hopped with Mosaic, Idaho 7, and Ekuanot hops and boasts four pounds per barrel dry-hop ratio, lending its fresh pressed quality and overall juicy vibes.


Juicy IPA 6.7% ABV | 35 IBU

'Bout It! 'Bout It!

Unabashedly juicy, this hazy double IPA has Citra and El Dorado hop additions. The finish is hoppy but fruit forward rather than bitter.



Juicy Double IPA 8.1% ABV | 50 IBU

Live and Drink Off the

Beaten Path

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